My First Dronie

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I still have a lot of drone videos to edit from this summer, but here is one that came out ok (if only I smiled!).  Taken with a vanilla DJI Phantom 2 + GoPro.

San Juan Islands Ferry Hyperlapse

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Getting up early to catch the Eastbound ferry rewards you with a great view of the sunrise over the mountains.  I always try to remember to capture a Hyperlapse while riding public transportation in beautiful places.  This one would have been easier … Continued

LabVIEW Interface For Arduino on Leonardo

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7/17/2014 Update from Sam K: Hey everyone. LIFA has been replaced with LINX which includes support for the Leonardo (and lots of other new features too!). Check it LINX here: Let us know if you have any questions about LINX … Continued

Fun with a Waterjet at TechShop

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I’ve been eager to join TechShop since they launched many years ago in the Bay Area.  This fall we Austin makers finally got our chance!  It’s a great space and is connected to a Lowes hardware store, so materials are … Continued

Synchronized LED Ring Construction Details

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As promised, here is a rundown of how the synchronized LED rings from our Halloween costumes came together.  When we initially designed these Roomba costumes, we knew they would look great in daylight but needed some flair to make them … Continued

Learning Rails the Easy Way

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About a year ago I decided I should broaden my software horizons and learn something completely different from my normal fare of FPGAs and hardware.  As such, I started learning Ruby on Rails. Long story short – it’s been an … Continued

Fresh Popcorn in a Faraday Cage

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RFI is a serious concern (especially for radio telescopes), but so is a tasty snack.  Here is one way they balance these needs at the GBT.  This microwave is in the main control room, which itself is in a faraday … Continued

Toddler Snorricam – Chest Mount First Run

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Yesterday at my son’s urging we flipped the ‘robot’ backpack around and got some front facing video with the Snorricam.  It’s pretty great, amazingly he ignores the camera and goes about his business!  Here is a photo of the rig … Continued

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